Wealth Recovery Solutions

Wealth Recovery Solutions

Specializing in all aspects of debt collection


Wealth Recovery Solutions, is modernizing the process of debt collection.

A progressive company focused on delivering results the best possible way for customer experience.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, next to the Santa Clara Superior Court & Post Office.

WRS has remarkably high-volume return rate in collecting accounts for businesses, individuals, public and private corporations.

At WRS our streamlined approach to debt, gives our clients a complete solutions for their collection needs




1984 the Alameda.
San Jose, CA 95126


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Areas of Practice

Business IN - HOUSE Collections

Through our extensive collection process, we provide you with solid return product including:

  • Detecting collection need early

  • Letter expediting

  • Payment Planning

  • Negotiating/Settling Accounts


Process Serving

WRS gets your claim served. We offer 3 attempts with a valid address

  • We prepare and file the proof of service and provide an endorsed copy for your day in court.

Judgment Recovery

We transfer your uncollected accounts to WRS where we can still collect without having to take this case to court.

Our past activity with the account helps us be thorough with strategies that make judgment recovery a higher guaranteed result. Services include:

  • Skip-tracing

  • Bank Levies

  • Wage Garnishments

  • Property Liens

  • Order of Examinations

Transfer Accounts to WRS

We transfer your uncollected accounts to WRS where we can still collect without having to take this case to court.

Small Claims - Lawsuits

When accounts are uncollectible, in-house, WRS can get you ready for a lawsuit to demand your right of payment, which includes:

  • Preparing, filling and serving the claim with the courts

  • Negotiate payments with clients to dismiss claim

  • Prepare case for your day in court


Creditors have better memories than debtors.”
— Benjamin Franklin


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